H O V Magnet

Protected by US Patent D546270

Length 8"
Width 5 1/2"
Heavy duty .30 mil thick magnet.
White reflective border and lettering for better visibility at night.
$1.99/mo Web Hosting

Finally a product to help law enforcement identify people driving with rear passengers in the HOV lanes.

No more need to avoid the HOV lanes while carrying someone they can't see !

This product is perfect for:

  • Commuting parents taking their children to and from child care.
  • Soccer moms transporting children in the rear.
  • Kids being carpooled to activities.
  • Adults who cannot ride in the front seat with airbags
  • Grandparents transporting their grandkids in the rear.
  • Any other unique circumstance requiring children or adults to sit as a rear passenger so you can utilize the HOV lanes.

          Drive with confidence in the H O V Lanes
Products for people driving with rear passengers in the H O V Lanes.  Put on a removable Magnet or Static Cling and let the police know you have someone in the back.
           The first of its kind and patent protected.

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